FAST 2009

10th International Conference on Fast Sea Transportation

Athens, Greece: October 5 - 8, 2009

Started in Trondheim, Norway, in 1991, FAST conferences take place every two years and are the world's leading conferences addressing fast sea transportation issues. FAST 2009, the 10th International Conference on Fast Sea Transportation, will be held in Athens, Greece, from October 5 to 8, 2009, promoting world-wide co-operation among scientists and engineers concerned with any topic of the high-speed maritime industry.

High-quality papers will be presented, following a thorough two-stage review process of both abstracts and full manuscripts, according to the tradition of past FAST conferences. The review will consider originality, relevance, timeliness and significance of the proposed papers. In addition, a number of Keynote Lecturers will be invited. During the conference a special session on current practice and perspectives of the Mega yachts industry will be organized. Designers, manufacturers and operators will present and discuss the trends of this important sector of fast ships.

The language of the conference will be English.